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The Metal Industry has a terminology of its own that can often be confusing to first time buyers. We offer this list of definitions to help steer you in right direction for your projects. If there is a term you are unfamiliar with and would like to be defined, please contact us and we will add the term to this list.


Angle A length of metal that has been bent at a right angle. Usually used for structural framework or support. We carry angles in hot rolled and stainless steel, as well as in aluminum.
Architectural Angle Similar to a regular angle, except that architechtural angles are more sharply defined than regular angles, and are only available in aluminum.
Bar A solid piece of metal that is produced in certain lengths. Can be found in flat, square, or round forms.
Beam A metal form usually used in structural capacities. When seen as a cross-section, the form looks like a capital “I”.
C1018 A low carbon steel that possesses a medium range maganese content. This alloy has a relatively low strength and is used for low stress applications.
Channel A rolled metal bar with a bracket shaped section that is usually used in construction.
Diamond Plate Also known as checkered plate, diamond plate is a lightweight sheet of metal that has been pressed with a raised pattern of diamonds. This form is often used on stairs, ladders, and other areas where the texture added by the dimond pattern can reduce chances of slipping.
Drill Rod A carbon steel used to make dowels, taps, punches, arbors, and, of course, drills.
Expanded Metal A latticed form of metal stock that has stamped and stretched upon cooling. The end result is an open mesh that is usually used for reinforcing concrete and making screens.
Rebar A carbon steel that is used to strengthen poured concrete. Rebar is cast with ridges that help the form adhere better to when placed in poured concrete.
Unistrut Is a formed structural channel that is most often used in electrical and construction industries to provide light support.
1045 A medium carbon steel that is used when a greater strength and hardness is needed than that which the C1018 provides. This alloy is known for its straightness and extreme size accuracy.
4140 A high strength, low alloy steel usually made with molybdenum and Chromium. Often used in the manufacturing of firearms and axels.